Cause of stress and treatment

Cause of stress and treatment


Being troubled, hurt or unhappy with something, stresses the person's feeling of deep depression. Tension is related to the mind. Stress is a kind of conflict that is due to being unable to balance and reconciliation. The person who is suffering from stress becomes unstable, emotion can not be sustained. It is difficult to decide the right and the wrong. In this case both the physical and mental conditions of the person related to him become worse every day.

Issues from Stress

Ever taking stress (Tanav) creates a desire to improve any work in the person, but the situation worsens when this stress starts to dominate. When a person takes tension, he may have to suffer from many problems such as:
His blood pressure increases.
Sense is faster than usual.
Digestion power is affected.
Disease resistance is affected.
Muscles also start to stress.

Stress Symptoms

Someone I do not like, having such feelings.
Keep nail biting or gaze at one place.
Either too much appetite or lack of appetite.
Persistent persistent cold.
Always feeling unhappy or not too happy about things.
More angry and frustrated.
Feeling uncomfortable with people.
Constant headache and back pain.
Ignore others.
Do not care for anything.
Always have negative thoughts in mind.
Abdominal deficiency.
Suicide in mind.
Not too much sleep or sleeping.

Cause of stress

When a person feels pressure on himself, then certain chemicals are released from the person's body, which gives more energy and strength to the body so that you can feel comfortable with yourself. When they feel uncomfortable or intimidated, then these chemicals start showing upside down. Stress depends on the situation, a person takes the stress on ordinary matter even when no person ties at all. Nobody thinks big things too, while someone keeps thinking about small things together.

Common External Reasons

- No major negative changes in life
- Any pressure in school or college
- cracks in relationships
- Cash-strapped
- heavy load of work
- Children and family status

Common Reasons of Stress

- Keep thinking too far
- Talking negatively to yourself
- Keep looking for yourself
- lack of self confidence

General treatment Tips to Prevent Stress

- Do not use any kind of intoxication.
- Do plenty of sleep and comfort.
- Do not feel pressured on yourself.
- Read more books to organize and strengthen the mind.
- Learn to listen to others too.
- Hold anger.
- Take some time to do things of your choice. Do not let the child in your life die. Sometimes it is also important to play like a child.

Most people are stricken with stress in a race-filled routine. Stress not only affects physical but mental conditions too. Not only this, there are changes in the behavior of the person due to stress, which affects the other person related to the person related to him. Stress affects the person's memory, learning ability, and working ability.

Let's tell you home remedies for stress relief.

1. Green Tea - Antioxidants present in Green Tea calm the body and mind and bring positive changes in the mood. Thinacin (Theanine) present in green tea enhances caution and attention. If anyone does not like Green Tea, Black Tea can also drink.

2. Orange - Vitamin C is found in high amounts in orange, which is helpful in increasing immunity. Other health enhancement minerals are also found in orange with vitamin A and B. To relieve stress, drink a glass of fresh orange juice fresh juice daily.

3. Milk - A glass of milk gives the body plenty of antioxidants and essential nutrients. All this nutrient gives the person the power to fight the tension and keep the mind calm. Drinking a glass of hot milk every morning in the breakfast and sleeping at night, relieves stress.

4. Almond - Almonds contain vitamin B, E, magnesium, zinc, selenium and other health-enhancing fat. Because of which it relieves stress. Almond can be eaten raw or even raw. If such food is not feasible, then almond powder can be eaten with milk.

5. Spinach - Plenty of vitamins A, B and C are rich in spinach. These are also found in abundance of minerals which give strength to combat stress. By eating a cup of tea every day, both body and mind are relieved. By making spinach soup, vegetable, salad or omelet etc. can be eaten.

6. Dark Chocolate - According to health experts, dark chocolate is a very easy and tasty way to avoid stress. By eating dark chocolate, there is a discharge of feel good hormone in the body due to which the person feels happy and relieves the stress.

7. Blue berries - Berries contain high amounts of antioxidants, so that the tension decreases. Eating jamun daily helps to relieve tension, insomnia and other mood disorders. Berries can be eaten by adding salads and so on. Jamboon juice can also be sour for stress relief.
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