Insomnia Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Insomnia Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Insomnia - By Sharad Singh Author Your Health Guider


Good sleep is also very important for good health. It is said so. That is, if you do not sleep then you will not be right. Sleep is the best way to relax for the body. Come on, get your sleep closer.

Why is sleep necessary

Sufficient sleep is essential for our physical and mental health. The human body needs as much sleep as much as eating it. Taking adequate sleep does not affect our performance. The need for the period of body sleep changes in every age. If the newborn sleeps for 18 hours, then adults need an average of eight hours of sleep. The direct impact of the lack of adequate sleep occurs on the metabolic processes of our body and by increasing diabetes, weight gain, There may be diseases like high blood pressure.

Problem of insomnia

According to medical science, sleep is not considered as sleeping, ie sleeping three times a week. These days people are suffering from various types of insomnia.

Short term insomnia

Short-term or acute insomnia is a common type of insomnia, it occurs for a few days and is caused by minor changes in some drugs or lifestyle.

Chronic insomnia

If the problem of insomnia is long enough then it can affect your life. If a person fails to sleep properly for more than 30 days then it means that he is suffering from chronic insomnia. According to a research, people who sleep less or often sleep late, their views are quite negative compared to other people and they are surrounded by anxieties. Jack Noble of Binghamton University of America believes that 'the person who is troubled by negative thoughts and does not sleep at the right time, he will not sleep deeply'.

The main reason for insomnia is tension and stress. But there may be other causes of insomnia that can be both physical or mental or both. Let's learn some specific reasons for insomnia:

Physical causes of insomnia

The bedroom is very noisy or too cold or too hot
Bed is small or not comfortable
There is no regular routine of your sleep
Your partner's time or way of sleeping is different from you You do not have enough fatigue or you do not do enough work
You eat in a lot of time
You go to sleep only after hungry stomach Pre-gold tea, plenty of caffeine (containing chemistry called caffeine), cigarettes or alcohol You have a disease, pain or a fever.

Psychological causes of insomnia

You are having emotional problems
You have employment related problems
You are confused and anxious
You think of the same problem over and over again.

General treatment

To get rid of the problem of sleeping, people often take sleeping pills, which are not considered to be the right thing. One of the main reasons for not sleeping can also be stress. Here are some tips for getting good sleep:

Insomnia prevention measures

Body diligence exhausted the body and enhances the need for rest. So regular sports or walking is beneficial for us, it keeps the body tight and sleep well due to fatigue. The bed and bedroom are comfortable, not too cold or hot. Keep in mind that the mattress is suitable for you. Slow music before sleeping also relaxes the body and helps in sleeping. Keep a small pillow under the head while sleeping. Place a pillow under your knees and the other between your knee and thigh. This will lead to lower body weight and you will be able to sleep comfortably.
Lighten the room light an hour before sleeping. Think good and positive things while sleeping. Drink milk before sleeping in the night, which will bring good sleep. Limit the amount of tea-coffee and do not consume more than two or three times a day. Put a habit of sleeping and waking up on time. Make good friends. Stay away from loneliness. If something is bothering you and you are not thinking about it correctly, then write down your problem on the paper before sleeping and tell yourself that tomorrow you will deal with this problem. If you do not sleep, then get up and do something that makes you feel light, like reading, watching TV or listening to music and when you feel tired, then go to sleep again.

If gold becomes a necessary work for you, then there is some disturbance. Anita is complaining about the common working Indians. Insomnia is not a disease but a sleepy problem arising from poor lifestyle. If insomnia is long lasting then it can take the form of a serious illness. Doctors say that a common man should sleep for 7 to 8 hours for better health and life. But in the race of servant and business, busy routine and further escaping, we forget sleep. Later, when sleep seems very bad, we start taking sleeping pills. But it is better to take sleeping pills than to do some easy home remedies that can reduce body fatigue and get better sleep.

Home remedies for the removal of insomnia

Eat more green greens and vegetables

Green greens and vegetables are also needed for the body not only for sleep. Especially if the leaves of the greens that are large and have lucidity, it helps a lot in sleeping. Eat porro and spinach greens regularly, it will get better sleep.

Magnesium and calcium

Both magnesium and calcium are said to be a sleep-enhancing chemical. When it is taken together, it is more effective. Eating magnesium also decreases the risk of heart disease. Eat 200 mg of magnesium (not taking excessive quantity, diarrhea) and 600 mg of calcium at night, better sleep.

Wild salad leaf

If you are complaining about the pain of stress, headaches, muscles and joints, then you know the wild salad leaf. It is also very effective in body fatigue, depression and insomnia. Before sleeping, apply 30 to 120 milligrams in the feet, exhaustion will disappear, and sleep will rest.


It is a kind of wild plant whose fruit is used to make beer. Nirdha, Tension and Depression patients are added to the juice of its fruit so that they can sleep for rest.


The aroma is deeply related to the brain. Many people sleep under the pillow of jasmine under pillows on their beds. Many people put sunflower or similar flavored flowers in their balcony, so that their aroma can get better sleep in the night. Lavender flowers are also very effective for the patients of Nida. By keeping its flower under the pillow, the aroma spreads to the entire room and sleep is better.

Yoga and meditation

Take yoga and meditation in regular practice. There are no hard seats to do in yoga, but ordinary postures, which make peace of mind only. Before going to bed, meditate for 5 to 10 minutes. Do not distract you during meditation and concentrate on your breath only. Better sleep will come in the night.


The green tea contains an amino acid called L-theinin. Drinking it in the day gives you freshness and freshness. Drinking in your mind and at night makes you feel deep sleeping.

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