Make these 6 ways to makeup

Make these 6 ways to makeup

Who does not want to clean the map. If you are at home, it does not matter, but you have to go to the party, go to shopping or office, make-up is important. If you have close knowledge about all the tips of makeup, then you can easily hide the nail, acne, scarring, and even the traces of Aging on your face.

Keep in mind that heavy make-up can never give your face smart and young look. Makeup should always be light. Heavy makeup can also damage the skin's health.

There are three spells of simple and light make-up - sunscreen, mascara and lip gloss.

Let's know six make-up tips, which will enhance your beauty.

1. Sunscreen

For a young look, it is important to have freshness and aura like the drops of dew on the skin of the face. Whether it is rain or hot sunshine, apply the first sunscreen on face every day. If your skin is dry then place the tinted moisturizer which also has sunscreen (SPF 50). This will work as foundation. If your skin is oily then wash the face with lukewarm water and then dry it after sunscreen.

2. Concealer

Concealer is best to hide dark circles under facial acne, scars and eyes. Keep in mind that always use a conjunct with matching skin tone. Put it on the face between the middle finger or ring finger. Then spread it with sponges. Place the concealer on the same spot of the face where it is needed more. For example, under the eye, next to the nose and cheeks. If the fingers are difficult to put a conciler on a particular spot, then the brush can be used.

Things to Check with Concealer

If the skin is dry then apply liquid consoler. Solid Concealer is best to hide stains. Concealer after applying liquid or cream based foundation Do not overdo the console. Concealer means to have light tint on the face and not to apply a mask.

3. Foundation

Put tinted moisturizer or foundation on face Use foam sponge to apply fondness. Foundation should be located where there is a difference in skin color. In winter, cheek skin becomes too dry and the skin loses its natural color. These days, they can also apply tinted moisturizers or fondness to the cheek. The foundation brings shine to the skin tone.

Things to Check with Foundation

The meditation should be exactly matching your skin tone. To bring glow on the face, apply the moratorium before applying the foundation. If the skin tone is dark, do not hide it from the light color foundation. A foundation with a light orange tint on a yellowish skin should be installed.

4. Blush or Bronzer

Blush stimulates the cheeks of cheeks and the color of the face. It is usually applied to give a pink look to the raised part of the dimple that is called cheek. Highlighter can use a pen or brush to apply blush.

Things to Check with Blush or Bronzer

Always keep the skin tone in mind. If you have a pink skin tone then insert a natural color blush. Use brush to apply powder blush. Use sponge to apply cream blush. Keep the blush colors of 3-4 sheds in the make-up kit, like everyday pink, natural pink, pink and purple.

5. Eyeliner, Eyeshadow and Mascara

After giving a finishing look to the face, eye make-up comes. In the beauty of the face, the beauty of the eyes is beautiful. The beauty of the eye comes from the outline of the eyelids or the emergence of the eyelids. This bulge comes from applying eyeliner.

There are many ways of applying eyeliner, the beauty of the eyes in the make-up specialist is divided into three parts - Basic Eye, Smoky Eye and Cat Eye.

The basic eye is to put the eyeliner on top and bottom lids. The eyes can be small or big, eyeliner or pencil can be given a big or a small look. I can also apply shadow. Mascara makes the eyelids dark. By applying this, the eyes look big and beautiful. Mascara is placed below the eyelashes.

Things to Check with Eyeliner

Eyeshadow and Mascara Eyes are small, then the eyeliner should look like this so that the ibro looks thin. Include eye shadow eye lid as well as on bottom eyelashes. Apply mascara pencil on both sides up and down.

If the eyes are blown inwards then apply mascara pencil on both lidos above and below the eyes to bring eyes to the eyes. Shadow of dark color on eyebrow bone!
If the eyes are too big, putting a dark colored mother shadow on the eye lid, blending it towards the eyebrow.

6. Lip Liner, Lip Gloss, Lip Balm or Lipstick

What type of treatment is to give to the lips depends on you. If someone only works with lip liner, then someone puts a colorful lip gloss on the lips and a lip balm. If you think of a makeup expert, then there is a better color lip gloss than lipstick.
Silky and nonsticky lip gloss make the lips soft. Vitamin-E in lip gloss does not allow scabs on the lips and lips look beautiful.

Things to Check with Lip Liner, Lip Gloss, Lip Balm or Lipstick

Never lip gloss over thick lips, this makes the lips appear thicker.
If the lips are thick then lip liner should be highlighted by placing the lip liner on the side of the lips.
Looks good by applying a conciler on both sides of the lip.

Pink and its similar lip gloss over Gloss's Shades Lips. Put a coat of lip gloss after applying lipstick.
If the size of the lips is not correct then give the first shape by highlighting the lip liner pencil on the edge of the lips. Apply two shed lipsticks of the same color on such lips. Fill the thick part of the lips from the dark shade and thin part from the light shade.

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