Top 10 Tips for Skin Care in the Summer

Top 10 Tips for Skin Care in the Summer

Skin Care - By Sharad Singh Author Your Health Guider

Skin care
Skin care

Skin care has to be taken in summer. Summer season i.e. fast sunlight, sweat and dust mud. In this season, skin is not only prone to sunburn and tanning, but viral infection also brings many diseases in the skin. It is generally common to get skin rashage from sweating.

Red-red rashes and rash grow with skin irritation due to allergic heat. Not only this, if the skin does not take measures to protect the skin in the heat, then the skin will bloom, the face will also become confused and it may also cause withering and wrinkles on the face.

You will be surprised to know that the skin which keeps the entire winter blooming, why does the skin of the skin lose its heat, why it causes more oily. This is because the natural oil of the skin that comes out of the oily gland closes, and the secretion of oil in the heat is high. 90 percent of the skin coming on the skin is due to sunlight and the harmful rays of the sun.

Skin trouble in summer

• Puckley Heat
• Pigmentation
• Fungus
• Blackheads i.e. black spots under the eyes
• Pimple
• akne
• Skin allergy
• Burning of sun
• Fuzzy face
• skin rashes

Top 10 Tips for Skin Care in the Summer

1. Save the skin from the sun's rays Stay in the house from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. During this the sun's rays are quite harmful. At this time, due to sunburn, there may be danger of sunburn or sunken skin. If necessary, leave the sunscreen (SPF 30) cream or lotion on the skin.

2. Keep both body and skin moist With excessive sweating in the heat, your skin becomes dehydrated even with the body. The result is that the skin loses its moisture. It is very important for the skin to get moisture in the summer. So drink plenty of water. Drink at least 10 glasses of water throughout the day. It will be good to take 2-3 to 3 times a day for moisture. Drinking lassi, curd and lemonade will give both body and skin moisture.

3. Use water based mosquito net Most of the moisturizers are oil-based, which damage the skin in the heat. It is better to use a water based mosquito net. It retains moisture of the skin.

4. Use rose water toner Put rose water on skin and face. Rose water is a natural toner. It reduces the secretion of the oil by closing the skin hole and also keeps the skin cool.

5. Avoid cold drinks In the summer, we usually drink cold-weighted drinks to extinguish thirst. Such drinks contain plenty of sugar, which is harmful for skin health. Instead, we should drink fruit juices, lemonade, lassi, coconut water or raw mango leaf etc. It gives the skin moisture.

6. Wash the face twice a day To maintain facial moisture, wash face with a cleanser or water-based moisturizer at least twice a day, this will keep the face fresh.

7. Do not forget to excel Do not forget to heat up the skin. This eliminates all the dead cells of the skin and the skin gets refreshed. Exfoliate also increases blood circulation in the face, thereby shining in the face.

8. Avoid eating fried food and caffeine Do not roast more heat and do not eat heavily in the summer. Eat more in fruits and salads this season. This will give the body energy and moisture and the skin will also be refreshing. Avoid caffeine stuff like tea or coffee. It damages the skin.

9. Focus on the cleanliness of inner body parts In the interior of the body, the sweat and adhesive in the inner parts of the body are prone to infections. Always keep these parts clean. This is where most of the germs grow. Sausage odor from these parts also comes.

10. Healthy diet and good sleep Healthy diet and good sleep are also needed for the health of the skin with body health. The skin should be well-fitted, it should be well cared for your diet. It would be good to drink more water and include salads and fruits in the meal.

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